Book review: Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James

This book that started off as an e book has been creating waves in the blogsphere and on best seller lists because of its erotic content and a genre also known euphemistically as BDSM-bedroom S&M. Not quite the book that makes it to my bookshelf but I got myself a copy to see what the buzz was all about.
The plot. Anasatsia a young college student is sent to interview young tycoon Christian Grey- yes, now you know where the ‘grey’ of the title comes from. She is attracted to this gorgeous man and he seems attracted to her too though their worlds are far apart. Then comes the twist in the tale. He isn’t quite what he seems. He likes kinky stuff and wants her to be his submissive slave even as she fights her strange attraction to all that he offers her beginning with kisses and going onto spanking, whips, chains and furry manacles. They negotiate over a contract that stipulates all she will do for him and vice versa and so the story unfolds from one encounter to another against a backdrop of plush wealth ,opulent lifestyles and of course the S&M room and Anastasia’s submission.Naturally there is some angst, some romance and some emotion to keep it just above board. We know by the end Grey will start falling in love and Anasatasia may be his road to redemption.
Yawwwn. Despite its brave attempt at being kinkylicious the book is tedious and repetitive with poorly fleshed out characters or situations. The heroine lacks spark or wit. At times you feel you are reading some sex shop catalogue. At others the frequent emails and contractual negotiations become intrusive and so not sexy. It doesn’t quite add up to the hype. And finally it reinforces old stereotypes –the girl is young, inexperienced, underconfident and OMG she is a virgin!! She is the sub to his dom but as a modern women I might have preferred it the other way around. Christian’s dark side didn’t do it for me .
If you would like to inflict some more pain on yourself there are two sequels: Fifty shades darker and Fifty shades freed.
If you like your romantic fiction with a very hot sizzle try Harlequin’s Blaze series and Mills & Boon yes even dear old Mills & Boon has a daringly erotique version M&B Spice .Or then an old classic -Erica Jong’s ‘Parachutes and Kisses’.

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