Beauty Review: Moroccanoil

Image‘Morroccan’ oil is oil  from the argan tree that is found in the High Atlas mountains of Morrocco . It is very rich in anti oxidants and natural Vitamin E which usually happens when you don’t interfere too much with ancient trees.

 The world has discovered it recently but Morroccan women have been using it for at least a thousand years. It can be used on hair, hands, feet, for face and body massages much as we use coocunut oil in India .

 The unusual thing about argan oil is how quickly it is absorbed .It is very light but don’t be fooled –it works. It can be used as a styling product for hair as well as a serum for skin.

 This particluar brand Morrocanoil is one of the best I have tried. Target in the US retails  Morroccan oil by Organix with  light  blue packaging. I tried it and found it  heavy compared to this one . The test of pure argan oil is how light it  is and how easily it gets absorbed. If it feels heavy chances are there is other stuff mixed in and less of the pure oil. Use it very sparingly. Two drops is enough for my hair which is mid length. I usually apply it to the ends. It leaves hair shiny and frizz free. Mumbai salons now offer Morrocanoil head massages –Indian style head massage with a Morrocanoil anti oxidant blast-can’t get better than that . I am not someone  who gushes easily but it really improved hair texture over time and leave hair silky.

 It  retails in Mumbai at approximately Rs 2,000 for the large bottle. There is  a shampoo, a conditioning mask and so on but I would invest in this bottle.

 ImageIf you have a Sepphora near you you  could  also check out Josie Maran’s 100% pure Argan oil. Josie Maran the well known model  has  her own skin and make up line,  You can also see her on youtube. All you need is one drop anywhere-on your skin, hair, nails,  just the way pure argan oil is supposed to be used.

 When I tried this I used too much and thought it left my face oily but then I stuck to the one drop principle and I really like the soft sheen it gives my face.

Morrocco has a rich tradition of using essential oils like rose ,orange and olive besides argan oil but argan is the one known as ‘liquid gold’.


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  1. Michael says:

    We love Moroccan Oil products here at our Salon as well. It’s one of our best sellers both online and out the door. Just wanted to give a heads up, we have a limited time 4.2oz bonus size of the Moroccan Oil available for the 3.4oz price. Last time Moroccan Oil did this limited run, the promotion lasted about two months – or until they ran out of stock. So I’m guessing these will be available through August and possibly into September. Considering the price, it’s a great deal! Thanks!

  2. virajsushi says:

    Hi Geeta , finally 🙂 thank you for all the valuable insights ! Hopefully I will automatically get your new updates from now .

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