Beauty Review:Masking it

I saw this tube of Freeman’s mega 8 complex super fruits revealing peel off mask at Bandra’s Beauty hub and bought it impulsively.I usually don’t buy any skin stuff I haven’t researched first but it was one of those days.

If you like your antioxidant fix this mask has eight super fruits –goji,acai berry,pomegranate,mangosteen,nori, blueberry,cranberry and mango to satisfy your inner earth goddess.If you could get the real fruit and whizz them into a smoothie it would do much more for your skin than applying a mask with extracts of the same. Just saying !

The smell is a bit chemical when you apply it first then it fades away.The gel is a bit runny.

I felt a tingling sensation which subsided quickly as I put it on. The instructions suggest you peel it off in five minutes but you need to keep it on for ten to fifteen minutes for the gel to set.On a humid sticky day you may need to keep it on longer.

The mask lifts off easily but don’t expect it to lift off in one piece.My skin did look fresher after using it. It looked better the next day –softer and more relaxed.The claim says it purges and fortifies the skin but I have no way of checking that.It costs only Rs 185 so don’t overload it with expectations.

I prefer masks over scrubs because scrubs tend to be abrasive and can cause stressed and stretched skin.

However Forest Essentials’ Saundarya Ubtan which contains turmeric, sandalwood, saffron and marigolds is an exception. Mix a little ubtan powder with rosewater or yoghurt depending on your skin type –the consistency should be more that of a cream rather than a wet powder when you apply it to minimize any abrasion.Or try their Aloe Vera juice mixer for ubtans (traditional scrubs) in case you prefer aloe vera though I personally think aloe vera should be used by itself. Forest Essentials also has a Nagkeskar and sandalwood mask which is quite good.

I like Forest Essentials which is a luxury Ayurveda brand because I know they spend time on quality and research.

Clay masks like Himalaya’s Clarifying mud mask or Lush’s Cupcake mask made out of Rhassoul mud are good for oily, acne prone teen skin skin but even with clay masks try not to scrub off the residue.

Estee Lauder has an Ultra firming lifting mask in its Resilience line which boosts collagen and also works to rehydrate parched skin so it is definitely worth trying for more mature skin.

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