La Prairie Cellular Radiance concentrate Gold &Ponds Gold serum

Everyone has heard about this product which was launched some years ago because it has a whopping price. At aprrox. Rs 27,000, given our wildly fluctuating rupee to dollar rate you may want to ask what ‘magic potion’ it contains.

La Prairie has lineage. It originally was the lab associated with Swiss clinic Clinique La Prairie known for their cutting edge anti ageing treatments. La Prairie has always had high end super luxury products and a very devoted following .Their products seem to work –their caviar complex is a tried and trusted classic.

La Prairie is in the super luxe category but as one of the world’s leading makeup artists Pat McGrath said to me “If a woman can spend a thousand dollars on a handbag why can’t she spend the same on her face”. Good logic.

La Prairie is formulated with a pure gold (you can see the gold flecks in the suspension ) and peptide complex. Peptides are now fashionable in skin care because they are proven to regenerate collagen by getting it into repair mode.

But they are the most expensive cosmoceuticals to replicate and stabilise so products with peptides are usually expensive.

Pure Gold is expensive too. It has to be pure in a skin care poroduct or it is likely to cause a reaction. It has been known in Ayurveda for its anti inflammatory properties so I assume this soothes the skin as it goes into regenerate mode.

LP don’t tell you what peptides they use- I am always frustrated when brands don’t tell you enough but I guess if it is going to sound like a chemistry lesson they decide not to.

La Prairie gold is super concentrated so you need to use just one drop morning and night. I used it and it is amazing how one drop can cover your entire face. It is very difficult to school yourself into using just a drop of something. It penetrates magically.

It does leave a golden glow on the skin and make up glides on really well in the day. It gives you a nice silken glow used under make up at night. Yes, you do feel your skin looking plumper and firmer. The collagen seems to get into repair mode because there is there is some diffusion of lines but not enough for me to hail this as a wonder product.

I was gifted this but for the price I would opt for La Prairie’s own Cellular power infusion which is a three month skin repair treatment or for Guerlains’ Orchidee Imperiale Longevity concentrate .

Actually I would opt for the handbag …Sorry Pat. (Being Indian I would probably opt for five grams of gold! )

Olay’s Regenerist serum at approximately Rs 2000, has peptides plus Vitamin B3 which hydrates the skin making it look smoother and more nourished. I haven’t tried it as yet so if anyone has do let me know .

Pond’s Gold Radiance Precious youth serum looks suspiciously like La Prairie’s ‘colloidal ‘ suspension. At Rs 899 it is commendable that they can give you pure gold and all the other goodies they promise.

Due credit to Pond’s –they have listed all their active ingredients on their website .Just for that I would recommend you try the serum.

It works with a different anti -ageing mix- Retinol, AHA’s which quicken cell turnaround by dissolving dead cells and Vitamin B3 which hydrates. Retinol is a powerful line and wrinkle reducer but I think the concentration Pond’s uses cannot be very strong even though they claim to have Retinol boosters to jumpstart its action .

I tried the serum. It is heavier than most serums -I am not sure it should be called a serum and I feel it sits on my skin. It does leave a glow but you have to work it in. I think they should work on the texture.

It will leave you skin brighter but don’t expect t to remove laughter lines and crow’s feet in the long run.

In all fairness I didn’t use it for six weeks which is how long one should be using an anti -ageing product for it to kick in.

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