Wellness: Barley grass

Is this the next big thing after wheat grass, magic mushrooms and spirulina? It’s too early to say but I attended a talk at Jade salon and discovered the goodness of barley grass which is the core of Greenzymes a branded version of barley grass powder.This is available in Mumbai at Jade though there is no connection with the brand name.

We already know that barley because of its low glycemic index is good but in this form it comes with all the additional green goodies- vitamin A,

Imageriboflavin, omega 3 ,all eight essential amino acids,anti oxidants and so on. Greenzymes additionally has extracts of barley and kombhu mushroom so I think it has all the bases covered. It tastes awful in the dried form but  tastes fine when had with a little juice or water. Don’t have it with anything hot. I have started taking a teaspoon a day though you can up this to three tea spoons a day two hours after a meal and half an hour before the next meal.

According  to barley grass enthusiasts this is the most nutritionally complete green food you can have. But Dr Perricone on Oprah.com says this is not necessarily nutritionally better than wheat grass though it has more anti oxidants.He lists both in his six super foods.

I have had wheat grass juice made from fresh leaves which are cut at about seven inches. It worked really well for me. I noticed it most in the fact that my hair became incredibly thick and glossy. For about two years I did not get a  cold or cough or allergies of any  kind. But I gave up because I was moving and then didn’t find the right grass and so on.

I hope this will put me back on track. Its been only five days. This pack which is about fifty servings costs Rs 3400

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