Beauty review : Aveeno moisturiser

I am featuring two moisturisers from Aveeno as I find I use both for different reasons. Aveeno is a drugstore brand available all over, except in India where J&J is backing its other brand Neutrogena .

Aveeno ultra calming is a soothing moisturiser which  has a chamomile like extract called feverfew. It also has an SPF which means one less layer on the face. Feverfew calms irritated skin and balances redness and  blotchiness making skin  more even toned.

Aveeno Positively Radiant mointuriser on the other hand has soy extracts so it gives skin instant brightness. It is wonderful to use under makeup as it keeps skin luminous.

They may seem a little heavy when you pump them out but they get absorbed easily .

I switch between both depending on how my face is feeling in the morning. Sometimes I use Ultra-calming  in the night when I run out of my nightime cream or moisturiser. You can see how well squeezed both the dispensers are !

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