Dead sea scrolls

The Dead Sea is a giant saltwater lake, not to be confused with the Red sea (which is actually the sea), that borders Israel and Jordan.

Its mud is so rich in minerals that it is used as the base of many beauty brands as well as a treatment for people with skin problems, asthma and arthiritis .

Soaking in the Dead Sea is relatively safe as its high saline content makes it a giant flotation tank. Plus it is the lowest point on earth so UV rays are filtered through many more layers and are virtually harmless when the reach this point.

The reason it is called the Dead Sea is that nothing survives in it because of its high salt content. But its rich concentration of salts and minerals makes it perfect for human skin.

Dead sea mud packs, salts and wraps are popular spa therapies available.

The picture I have featured is from Health & beauty Dead sea minerals cosmetics shop who have a range of products made from dead sea salts.

I recently tried Seacret which is an Israeli beauty brand whose core ingredient is dead sea minerals.
There are many Israeli beauty brands that are going global and Seacret is now available in Delhi.


I also like the sound of Zahra spa’s Dead sea spa journey that includes a dead sea mud wrap, a mud facial and a salt scrub. It’s at the swish Holiday Inn Movenpick in Jordan, a place on my travel wish list

Opinion is divided whether one should get to the Dead Sea via Jordan or via Israel as it runs through both countries.

I veer towards Jordan because I want to see Petra and the castles built by crusaders (Five cool crusader castles worth visiting ) which are supposed to be spectacular but if someone has been do let me know which you recommend.



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