Wellness: Anti oxidant blast

The perfect good morning platter !

The rule of thumb when choosing fruit for a morning platter is to have as many colours on the plate as possible -red, blue black, yellow,white and orange to get your full quota of anti oxidants,resveratrol,bromeliads,Calcium,Vitamin C, Niacin,Potassium and other minerals. There’s a whole lot of anti ageing,anti inflammatory and immunity building goodies in there.

If you can’t eat so much fruit -sometimes it s a commitment to chew for so long just pulp it in a blender NOT juicer as you lose valuable fibre if you juice it. The end result should be that of avery thick smoothie.

Health nutritionists at The Health Awareness Centre run by Dr Vijaya Venkat suggest you have any amount of fruit you want between seven a.m and twelve noon but not to have anything else to get the full benefits of fruit. They also don’t recommend mixing vegetables and fruit in your smoothie.

If you must have something in between it should be twenty minutes after fruit and if you eat fruit after a full meal it should be after  a gap of two hours.

There is a logic to this which is explained in FIt for Life by Harvey Diamond.

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