Beauty: Hottest beauty event

This is the  ticket to the most beautiful event in Mumbai tonight. Its going to have the stars,the experts, the brand people,the fashionistas and the beautiful ones all under one roof.

Alas, I can’t be there.

So I am flashing my posh invite for all to see .

And I am rooting  for all the Voguettes who have been hard at work to make this event a success. Having been there I can tell you it takes boot camp style work to make an event like this work flawlessly.

(The Vogue Beauty Awards are very close to my heart as I was part of the initial team that put the event  together.)

It is a heady time when over a thousand products enter the Vogue office to be judged and rated months before the final event . And anchoring and co-hosting such an event (which is expected of the  Beauty Editor ) can have those moments of pure panic that are not very glamorous.  But always fun !

The  A- list of India’s hottest beauty products and coolest beauty people will be out tonight and I can’t wait to see the final list.I have my own list of favorites and it will be interesting to see if they match.

As to the timeless beauty who will grace Vogue’s cover?  No prizes for guessing who it will be but I won’t give her name away .

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