Beauty alert: Mon Shu capsule collection by Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura

For those who do not know – Shu Uemura was a famous Japanese make up artist who worked in Hollywood but started his own brand Shu Uemura in Japan.

Their cleansing oil is the best make up removing product I have ever used. Their eye lash curler is iconic. And their make up is well known.

They are the only ones who have a yellow eyeshadow that looks really cool when worn.

If I am not mistaken there was also a yellow lipstick in one of their collections.

Now Karl Lagerfeld the great designer and couturier has collaborated with the brand to create Mon shu, an anime inspired mascot who will have her own little capsule collection of make up and eyelashes and yes, a version of the famous eye lash curler. Mr Lagerfeld has also chosen the make up palette

The collection will be lovely I am sure.

But on Mon Shu -cute as she may be and cute as her birth story is on video I am thinking this the most obvious thing to have done.

We have seen many Kawaii (Japanese for cute) anime ( Japanese style of animation or illustration) girls and animals in the past .

Karl Lagerfeld himself is a prolific illustrator and I would have expected something more off the wall.

The reason he collaborated with Shu Uemura is that he has been using their eye shadows as watercolors in his illustrations. He likes their pigment. I wish he had done something more unusual with his mascot.

Anyway, Mon Shu is Kawaii -can any anime girl not be cute? and the eye shadow palettes look very wearable in the illustrations.

Sadly I don’t think this will be launched in India but November is a long way off so you never know.

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