Comfortable with Uncertainty by Pema Chodron

Pema Chodron is my favourite Western Buddhist nun after the late Ayya Khema.  

Pema studied at Berkley, married, had kids, divorced and then became a Buddhist nun.

Her teachings therefore are deeply rooted in the issues we grapple with in our daily lives- anger, road rage, fear, envy, anxiety, stress and coming to terms with it all.

 Her books focus on the Tonglen practise of Tibetan Buddhism  which is rooted in compassionate healing of the world but you don’t have to be Buddhist or understand Buddhism to incorporate Pema’s simple solutions to daily living .

 I rate The Wisdom of No escape and When things Fall apart as her most outstanding books showing us samsara’s multiple faces.

 This one is  a simpler read and focusses on 108 Life practises that will help you understand the path to compassion and meditation.

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