Out, Out, Dark Spot

I went to the Kiehl’s store at Phoenix Market City, BKC.
Actually this six atria giant mall is located more in Kurla than BKC but having said that it is worth the schlep because you can be in big, spacious stand alone beauty stores – all the big brands are here – without being pushed around.
I went to buy Kiehl’s Acai berry serum .
But I ended up buying the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Corrector.
It is a dark spot reducing serum with a combination of Vitamin C,white birch and peony all of which enhance each other’s performance.
Now one thing beauty experts more qualified than me will tell you is that if a product has a high concentration of Vitamin C it should be in a dark or opaque bottle.
Perhaps Kiehl’s has found a stabilising ingredient since this is a clear serum in a clear bottle.
When a dark spot appears and gets darker its usually an acne mark that gets hyperpigmented or old sun burn. Sometimes dark spots fade away on their own especially if they are not age related
I’ve used this for about three weeks for a particularly dark spot but it has not shown a huge improvement. I see more of a skin turnaround when I use the acai serum for sun damaged skin.
My spot hasn’t gone darker either so it may just kick in next week. I can hope.
I used it in combination with the Clearly Corrective Hydrating Emulsion but don’t bother to spend so much money.
You can use it with your daily moisturiser or night cream .
A more effective product in my opinion is Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector .
It has a battery of brighteners and exfoliators plusVitamin C so we may be comparing apples to oranges.
It shows quicker and more noticeable results but you have to follow instructions for it to work optimally.
Both Kiehl’s and Clinique serums can be used twice a day.
One should be realistic- dark spots compounded by ageing skin and constant sun exposure will take longer to fade and may not disappear completely.
Is laser treatment is the answer to these dark spots?
I will be discussing that in another blog especially ablative lasers that are being recommended quite recklessly in my opinion by some dermats.

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  1. coralcrue says:

    Wow. loved the read and your posts are always power packed with information. I haven’t got any skin treatments done so far. Very curious about the lasers but also very scared because they after all use a very recent technology that hasn’t gone through layers of trials

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