A little lift :Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Serum

So you may have noticed your face is looking a bit puffy. And your features some days don’t appear as sharp as they used to be.

Often this is because fat and fluid get trapped in little pockets of the face due to poor lymphatic circulation and drainage especially when you sleep.

The area under the eyes, cheeks, the chin area are zones where fat can get trapped.

Clarins Facial Serum has a battery of fat busting ingredients like caffeine,alage, horse chestnut and grape to accelerate lymphatic drainage.

But you need to apply it using the recommended Manual Lifting Method .You can see it demonstrated on YouTube or on www.clarins.com

What it does is help drain out accumulated fat from the pockets and your face tends to look more contoured.

(Cutting down on sugar and smoking helps too.)

It is not an exaggeration – It really does look more contoured after ten days or so . Though the manual massage is a bit of a drag I must admit.

Clarins is a French brand with a number of iconic products all based on plant extracts.

Eau Dynamisante the refreshing fragrance with all its extensions is one of them. So is their famous Beauty flash balm .

The Facial lift serum is best used at night but on a bad day use it under make up as well.

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