Chanel’s L’ Exuberante and MAC’s Candy Yum Yum

I don’t know what happened to the light or whether the flash should have been used but this is supposed to be a rich almost fuchsia pink. It is Chanel’s L’Exuberante.

It looks red here but it is a deep pink colour that goes on velvety but stays on matte and gives lips fullness and brightness.

The technical classification of the colour is pink with an undertone of blue which shouldn’t work on skin with a yellow tone like mine but it does and it always makes my face look brighter.

So I continue to wear it as I go by what I see in the mirror not recieved wisdom. I also like Chanel’s Super which is more of a fluro-pink pop

But any reference to a strong color pop cannot exist without a MAC footnote. My all time favorite is Candy Yum Yum which is a pink pop in the most ‘popping’ sense.

The other is Chatterbox which is a softer pink.You can see how much I have used both. My Chatterbox has to be scraped off with a lip brush now.

It wasn’t available at the MAC counter when I went to replenish my stock. When I went there last I saw a warm rose pink that goes on matte so it is a bit more trendy and not too girly

I was in a bad mood as I didn’t get my favourite shade plus the store was super crowded so didn’t check the name. My bad.

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