Frizz Fighter

This is one shampoo that really worked on my frizz and got my naturally straight hair back into naturally straight mode without blow drying . John Frieda is a well known brand in hair care and styling products .

There was no problem when I used it and I switched happily from my Kiehl’s Sunflower shampoo for this one.

However I did find after about two weeks that my hair ends were drying out very fast .

I blamed it on colouring but then some research I did showed that silicone which is a great frizz fighter and keeps hair looking silky, shiny and smooth can also dry out hair in the long run.

By the way most shampoos including Dove and Pantene have silicone or some form of sulfate so I am assuming some amount of silicone can’t be totally bad .

But there is a very good blog @Marie Claire which I am posting to my FB geeta’s list page which explains why silicone based shampoos may not be the best in the long run .

Dimethicone is the name the author asks us to watch out for –that’s the silicone alert.

So if you want a hundred percent silicone,sulfate, paraben free shampoo guess which one bloggers and experts recommend? Body Shop’s Rainforest Radiance range .

You may still need a silicon based styling product or your silicone based shampoo to keep frizz at bay but alternating with an everything- free shampoo will give your hair a much needed break.

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