50 Ways to Make Google Love your Website by Steve Johnston and Liam McGee 


This book was given to me when I started my blog. 

Though I haven’t figured it out completely the Tripod of Love suggested by the authors is a good platform for understanding how things work in case you want to up your visibility on Google.

The Tripod of Love is your relevance,reputation and visibility online which can be a little bit different from what you would expect off line . 

But first ask yourself why you are doing this ? What do you expect once you start getting traffic ? 

The authors tell you how Google works in its search and how you can be out there as it sifts through billions of pages. 

‘Enhance your site’s reputation’ is a chapter I found helpful .

 It tells you simple things like how to use the RSS feed button, why you should be linking to other sites,how Stumble upon and Delicious can help.

Full disclosure I have signed up for Stumble upon but still haven’t been able to bookmark my pages on it…techno challenged but trying !

This is not Google for dummies even if I make it sound like that. 

It is much more and it is a timely book in the age of social marketing. 

The authors give you a rule of thumb though .

If your site does not generate an excess of GBP 10,000 a year its clearly not a core revenue generator so treat it as a hobby. 

And they also have some guidelines for hiring a SEO (search engine optimiser) service should you cross your GBP 10,000 benchmark .

I found it helpful though I am still debating whether I should start a website or stay with a blog. 


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