Polish brand Inglot has some funky make up colours and interesting accessories for clubbing like their coloured and glitter lashes. In fact  in some areas their collection and range is much better than MAC’s.

They  have a toulene and formaldehyde free nail polish range in colours that are temptingly luscious and fruity.

The claim that their eye shadows and make up is paraben free is a good claim as far as I am concerned.

They have stores in Mumbai, Delhi and Banglaore  and you can check the range at

Make up artist Ojas Rajani is well known in Mumbai. She has created looks for Aishwarya Rai, Parizaad Zorabian, Katrina Kaif, Shilpa Shetty and other stars for the movies.

Ojas  is striking and wears her make up really well. She demonstrated three looks that I  sat through  at a master class at the Inglot store, at Linking road, Mumbai.

The looks were – Bridal, Day, and Clubbing.

I was amazed  to see how many young ladies had signed up to attend and had informed and intelligent views on make up.

I personally liked the day look with a bright lip and a hint of green liner as it was a matte downplayed look.

I would have liked to see wilder clubbing looks as Inglot’s make up range can be used really well for dramatic looks but Ojas preferred to stay a little more reality based as the audience was definitely looking for more daytime and wedding looks.

Ojas also had some practical basic tips which we can all incorporate into our make up regime -here are 10 of them.

1.  Dark skinned women tend to wear dark lipsticks especially dark browns and maroons but don’t as it robs your skin of brightness. Try peaches and corals

2. Always moisturise and prep your skin before applying make up.

Ojas recommends Dabur Gulabari. That is ayurvedic brand Dabur’s rose infused cream which I will now try.

3. Start with concealer. Use a bare minimum to start with and blend with a concealer brush-you can always build it up later.

4.Apply foundation with an angled foundation brush .This will ensure less foundation goes on skin and you can control the blending easily without any patchiness or skid marks on the face .

4.Don’t use your compact powder immediately after foundation .Use a loose dusting powder to set off foundation flawlessly. You can finish with a compact touch up.

5.Always use a flat brush when applying eye shadow. A round brush will never give it shape. Blend at every step. Use an eye shadow primer as a base. Ojas suggests Inglot’s all purpose Metalliser which can be used as a highlighter as well as eyesahdow base.

6.Try a brown gel liner then lift it with a layer of black if needed so the hard black liner look that all of us love is softened.

7 Always apply cream blush with fingers moving upwards and outwards from the apples of the cheeks

8.For almond shaped eyes draw a tail with your liner and end it where your lash line ends. Never move your eyeliner downwards .

9. Corner lashes add to the perfect almond eye. Apply a few single lashes to the corners or use extra lengthening mascara at the ends.

10. To avoid eye shadow spills on your face use extra loose powder under the eyes and dust off at the end.

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