Tag-ging Shahrukh Khan

Photo courtesy Vineet Bhatia

Here I am chatting with actor and super star Shahrukh Khan at the launch of luxury brand Tag Heuer’s Carrerra 1887 Elegance series. Notice we both share a liking for red reading glasses !

I was having a really bad hair day but the interview went rather well. The full interview is in this month’s edition of Man’s World  aka  MW www.mansworldindia.com.

Its a magazine I enjoy writing for.

I am happy to report Shahrukh has no starry airs, is incredibly polite and did not let anyone or anything interrupt our interview.

Not even an sms or call – a fact I truly appreciated. His entourage and security stayed unobtrusive and out of the way .

We spoke about books ( he is currently reading Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa and British ad man Charles Saatchi and I was definitely impressed) fashion, life, philosophy and watches .

He reeled off details about the Monaco 69 that was custom designed for his film Don 2, the workings of the Pilot, a personal favourite, the seventy year old vintage watch he wore in Rab ne an di Jodi and and the elegance of the new 1887.

He didn’t have any crib sheets or teleprompter in sight so I guess he really knows his watches.

As he confided he has a giant LV bag custom designed for him into which he dumps all his watches to decide which one he will wear when shooting.

I wouldn’t mind having my own personally designed LV maybe just to carry my keys if not my non existent watch collection! Still haven’t got my cherry black Alma. www.louisvuitton.com

The theme for the campaign is ‘Beautiful rebels’ and the campaign was shot by well known photographer Atul Kasbekar .

While Shahrukh shied away from being described as ‘beautiful’ he thought the theme had a certain resonance with his life.

There is a companion Lady Carrera 1887 as well for Tag ladies. www.tagheuer.com

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