Chanel No 5 and the inevitability of being Brad

photo courtesy : Chanel

I love Chanel No 5. I love Brad Pitt.
But the thought of them featuring together in an ad sans a glamorous woman a la Monroe “What do i wear in bed ? Why Chanel no 5 of course” is a bit daunting.
The teasers haven’t helped .
Well the ad is out as of this morning and while I think Joe Wright has shot Brad delightfully-love the shades of grey in the background, love that Brad has been shot in black and white from the aesthetic perspective.
But as a woman I personally want a bit more glamour and oomph in my No 5 communication. It is after all Chanel No 5 !
The least I would want is Brad dressed by Lagerfeld as if he is going to sweep me off my feet not dressed in chic grunge espousing the grand philosophy of life however well scripted it may be.
Of course I loved it when Brad spoke of dreams and travels.
Yes, of course there was a heart stopping moment when he said “Wherever I go there you are”.
Very Lobsang Rampa but not so much Chanel.
Though I particularly heart the confident assertion and ownership of the word “Inevitable” as a sign off for Chanel No 5 .
The point is do I like a man talking about a woman’s fragrance? I like the idea but not for Chanel no 5.
We are talking of a strong sensual iconic fragrance here that strong beautiful women used without needing a man to tell them how beautiful,sexy or sensual they were. Now to have a man in the picture, however sexy, owning that space seems a step back .
At the end I am getting more Brad less Chanel. And getting possibly a little confused about how I really feel.Some of that unreachable glamour has gone but the brand looks and feels younger and more contemporary .
With Brad I suppose that was inevitable .

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  1. Mel says:

    Not happy about it either 😦

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