From Ibiza with love …


Spain is well known for beauty and its beauty brands . On a recent trip I found these two luxury Ibiza brands charming and quite pampering in use.

Campos de Ibiza was in my hotel room and that’s a good way to try a brand. I liked their shampoo and bath salts very much. The bath salts had a lemon ginger lavender whiff and were very relaxing.Ibiza salt is famous for its healing properties as well as for its rich mineral content.

Later I saw the beautiful white Campos concept store near my hotel with toiletries, perfumes, scented candles,clothes and bath products. I am told that everyone heads to the store when they visit Ibiza and their fragrances are well known too.

You an explore them at

I was gifted a sampler of the Hierbas de Ibiza range and am loving the Hierbas de Ibiza body balm which has left my travel ravaged skin soft and smooth.

They have a range of toiletries so you can explore the entire selection as well as their perfumes and fragrances at .

The term ‘Hierbas’ is used for everything from beauty to liquor that has the typical Ibithicon mix of herbs- rosemary, lavender, thyme, anise and secrets they won’t reveal .

If you want to go super luxury then Spain is known for its famous Natura Bisse brand with its iconic cream “The cure”

But right now I am happy with the smell and herbs and fragrances straight from the fields and shores of Ibiza.

Ibiza has a reputation for being a party place but on this trip courtesy Spanish Tourism and World heritage Sites to explore the Phoenican ruins of the original island I saw another side ..a quieter, end of season side.

It was still very beautiful and the sea was sapphire blue in the day, aqua in the mornings and purple in the evenings as we drove through fields, passed old white churches up in the hills and tasted wine straight from the vineyard of origin.<img src="" alt=""

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