Vino signature style

There’s nothing more flattering to the ego than going up the luxury ladder with your own personal wine label.

This is a bottle of Fratelli’s special edition barrel aged wine that was sent to me recently.

Fratelli ( meaning brothers in italian) a collaboration between wine makers in Tuscany and vineyards of Akhluj in Nagpur,India have created a limited edition red called Sette, (Italian for seven).

Piero Masi who’s has signed this bottle is an awarded wine maker in Tuscany and is the creator of Fratelli wines.

I have tasted their Chenin Blanc which is fresh with a hint of the balsamic and opens up well with Indian food.

They have a competent Caberent as well, light bodied but with character.

The label is about three years old in stores in india but the grapes of Akhluj are obviously performing well. Its a move away from Nasik where most of the big Indian wines are being made and bottled .

The bottle came to me with a list of instructions-chill to 16 -18 degrees, decant the wine in a long necked decanter for fifteen minutes or leave in the bottle to breathe for fifteen or twenty minutes.

I appreciate it when wine makers take the trouble of telling you how to drink their wine.

Let me be honest -I am not a wine expert and I rarely drink but when I do a good glass of wine is a pleasure to have .

I am looking forward to enjoying a brief moment of feeling like a celebrity with my name on the label !

Since this wine can be aged I will wait for the right moment.

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