Kerastase Les Grand Crus: More of the same for hair ?

Kerastase has positioned its new range of oils as Les Grand Crus borrowing heavily from words and imagery used to describe the highest classification of cognac and wines.

A bit pretentious for something that is finally a hair oil but hey whatever floats your boat !

Though its going to change the way I look at Cognac forever .

If the makers of coconut oil got their act together they could also position it differently with Grand Crus appellations like Grand Kerala !

Les Grand Crus are a fragranced extension of Kerastase’s Elxir Ultime which is a blend of four precious oils- maize, argan, pracaxi and camellia – all of which have tremendously nourishing properties but are light and easily absorbed.

These oils can be used much the same way as Elixir Ultime (and have the same look and feel to the bottle and branding) as a prewash, as heat protect, to style and to condition.

But now you have a choice of four oils depending on your hair type – Rose Millenaire for fine hair, Moringa Immortelle for damaged hair, and Imperial Tea for colored hair respectively.

I haven’t tried the oils as yet so if you have do let me know .

But my question is how different will they be from Moroccan oil our current benchmark (though beware of the silicone infused versions doing the rounds).

Les Grand Crus are at about RS 2500 each approx. Morroccan oil is about Rs 2000.

In the recent past Morrocan oil has worked wonders just to rebalance my colured,damaged, dry hair though I think switching to Colour Herbe an Irish herbal hair color ( in Mumbai it is only available at Jade Wellness 022-6423747) has contributed a great deal to healthier better conditioned hair .

I have tried Kerastase’s Oleo Relax nutritive oil which actually worked well to defrizz and add some movement to my straight usually characterless hair and their products are good though a tad expensive.

I quite liked the two hair styles that Kerasatse reccommends for the season . I am assuming these will easily work on your hair if you use Les Grand Crus for styling and manageability .

The diagonal braid is cute and the intertwining of midsections and braid make it very modern.

The rosette is very feminine though I can’t see my hair managing that style- Elixir or no Elixir. Not a bad style for a bride but it should be a little more artless and slightly looser. I also think you may need a large amount of spray to hold it .

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  1. naaz says:

    wanna thank frm bottom of my heart .gud job…

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