Et Tu Dove : On the oil bandwagon

photo from newswala release
No sooner than oils made a massive comeback on the luxe firmament, Dove has been quick to jump onto the bandwagon .

I admire the brand not only because I have worked on it but I admire the fact that they consistently get it.
They get that while we are real women we don’t want to be real slobs. We don’t want to let beauty rituals get in the way of our packed lives because we just don’t have the time but we don’t want to be ‘Beauty invisibles’ out of the loop of what’s new and happening either.

Of late hair has been Dove’s thing -you can’t switch on your Tv set and not be bombarded with a new hair message from Dove

Now they have launched their version of Grand Cru oils -some of the visual imagery looks suspiciously like Kerastase. And the mix sounds even more like Kerastase especially with the Elixir tag.

Rather un- Dove like packaging but I hope its still the Dove promise.

As long as Dove’s oils perform as well as Kerastase (I did try Kerastase’s Gold elixir after my last post and it has an amazing leave -in feel) I’ll be happy to downgrade. I may even give my Moroccan oil a break.

Review in a few days .

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