Thank you MEL for nominating me for the Leibster blog award.

It is always flattering to be nominated for an award, especially one by a fellow blogger – one of my favourites, who like me blogs on both beauty and books

The blogging community has been very supportive of my four month old blog and I am going to add some nominations to my page too though most of my nominees are veteran bloggers 🙂

But first these are the ‘about me ‘ questions I need to answer put to me by Mel :

1.Favourite colour?
Rose and Coral

2.Do you prefer summer or winter?

3.What is your favourite book?
Being Nobody,Going Nowhere by Ayya Khema

4.What is your favourite food?
Squid ink pasta
Prawn gassi
Leek and truffle omlette

5.Books or movies?
Books but I really liked Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln and loved the serene beauty of Life of Pi

6.Your favourite city in the world?

7.What is your favourite brand (clothes, makeup etc)?
Make up-Chanel( best tinted moituriser/foundation) Inglot ( best eye palette) YSL Beaute (best lipsticks) Lancome ( best eye liner by far) ColorBarUSA, ( best orange,coral and tangerine lippers) MAC ( my nc 41) Buxom (for my heavy Indian eye-kohl )
Skin Care : Clarins, Neutrogena,Estee,Forest Essentials and a new brand I am testing
Hair: Indian hair oil with Brahmi,Living Proof and Morrocan oil

8.What is your favourite perfume? (as a beauty blogger, I just had to ask this…)
Hermes Rouge and Narciso for Her

9 Blogs do you follow mostly? (book blogs, lifestyle blogs, beauty blogs, décor blogs)
Beauty,fashion and food

10.What is your strength ?
My independant spirit

11.And your weakness?
My short attention span

Blogs I nominate for the Leibster awards or at least they are my favourite blogs
1. the writes of passage FOOD

2. Shivya Nath TRAVEL

3.Saaz Aggrawal BOOKS

4.Anubha Charan BEAUTY

QUESTIONS FOR MY NOMINEES ( please copy and paste answers on your blog and nominate some more blogs if you like )

1. What is your life’s philosophy in a sentence ?
2. What are the 3 mistakes of your life in the blogsphere?
3.What is your tip to new bloggers?
4.What is your favourite Travel spot, beauty fix,book and food ?
5.What do you like about geetaslist? No pressure you don’t have to answer 🙂

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