L’Oreal Youth Code Luminize Day Cream

loreal luminize
One more offering from the Youth code stable

The product: L’Oreal Youth Code Luminize moisturising Day Cream

The promise: Illuminated,perfected skin -luminous, even skin in a month

The price :Rs 1400

The pitch: Luminous skin made possible with trademarked Lumino-gen technology .Sounds good except Calcutta based Emami’s Fair and Handsome brand is tom-tomming its Lumino peptide technology for men. That takes away some of the exclusivity as the claim sounds similar to the average consumer.

The experience: Good sensorials. The cream leaves an instant glow on the face but it does not get absorbed as quickly as Youth Code’s own Lilac night cream. I found it a bit sticky but it was not a deterrent in applying make up -I used a sunscreen and compact after.

VERDICT: The glow/illumination does not hold up as well by the end of the day. Nor do you get the “refined perfection” that a pore refining serum can give you. This is a product without SPF which is a drawback for a day cream.

On the whole I prefer Hydrafresh from L’Oreal.

However I have not used L’Oreal’s Luminize for a month so perhaps the even tone will kick in later.

For those interested,there is a Luminize serum as well.

For Luminosity also try Neutrogena’s Soy brightness range.If you want intense illumination then try Chanel’s Blanc de Chanel. For’refined perfect’ skin try Estee Lauder’s very effective pore refining lotion

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