# Garnier # BB cream : Review

garnier bb cream on bookgarnier bb cream outer carton
BB creams have not caught on in India in the same manner as concealers. I have never been able to figure out why.

But here’s Garnier offering you a “miracle skin perfector” BB cream and I shall examine this miracle closely 🙂

BB creams have been the big thing in Asia for some time now.

In fact BB creams were created in Asia from a German medical formula .

They are a short form of Blemish Balm creams which even out skin tone and instantly (because of optical brighteners) make your face look fresh and alive.

I have worked in Asia and I find Japanese and Korean women very particular about a flawless finish in their make up-every blemish and zit covered up for a public face.

FIRST LOOK : Garnier BB cream, daily all in one moisturizer.The product is not easy to find but I got mine at the chemist opposite the Mercedes showroom at Worli in Mumbai.

PRICE : RS 199

PITCH : A “miracle skin perfector” and a BB cream and a Daily All in one moisturizer for fairer skin, healthy glow,even skin tone, that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and gives you 8 hour moisturisation.

Really Garnier- we like your brands but such hype! It’s a tall order and sometimes it is better to under claim even if you can over claim .

STAR INGEDIENTS : Vitamin C, almond extract, minerals for brightening ( I assume that’s the silica in the list which is an optical brightener ) garnier bb cream side

It has an SPF 24 which is perfect for Indian skin.
The fragrance is mild but I prefer all face products to have minimum or no fragrance.
The cream seemed bit light for my skin tone but it was very easy to apply and did go on smoothly.
It blended in well despite my reservations about the colour
I took a picture of myself on my iPad and it did not show up as a white mask or pink cake.
(This is the torture test for all foundations , tinted moisturizers and concealers so good on you Garnier. )
It does leave skin looking brighter and even toned but don’t expect the coverage of a foundation.

It is only available in one shade and I personally found the shade a little light for my skin (even though it passed the I pad test)
Like foundation, skin can look grey if the shade variation is too much.
Garnier needs to launch at least three shades to cover our spectrum and definitely one with a more yellow tint.
My face did get an oily sheen after a few hours when I used it alone but with a touch of compact it stayed matte .However I am concerned about summer and would love to know what people with oily skin have to say about this .
Very good value for money. Goes on surprisingly easily and stays on.It is all –in- one so you can skip the moisturizer and sunscreen but don’t expect miracles 
The lack of shade choice is a definite limitation.

If you want go much higher up the price ladder Clarins Beauty Flash balm is one of the best in my opinion .

Clinique, Estee Lauder, Chanel and a whole lot of Japanese and Korean brands –M from Missha,BRTC, Kao, Fancl, Shu Uemura have BB creams which are worth checking out.

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  1. Mel says:

    I have this BB cream, over here we get it in 3 shades. The Light is too light, the dark too dark. And the medium suits me “in a way” – its slightly too pink because my skintone has a yellow undertone. Like most Indian women.

    1. geeta's list says:

      yes this is the problem with BB creams since their shade range is limited . I think the one that has been launched here is the medium and i personally think its a bit light for the average Indian woman especially if you don’t build it up with make up.

  2. Dollie says:

    What’s ur personal opinion of bb creams? Do u think they are worth buying or are they just glorified tinted moisturisers? Also, which one is ur absolute fave?

    1. geeta's list says:

      hey dollie

      i think bb creams are a good slap- on -and- go option but won’t solve specific problems i.e. if you have dark circles you may still need concealer or give you the coverage of a foundation.
      they give you more illumination than a moisturizer because they have optical diffusers as well as slightly more coverage .
      they are a step up from tinted moistuisers in my opinion, but its easier to build on a tinted moisturizer if you follow up with full make up.
      its a converging world out there with primers,concealers,bb creams, tinted moisturizers and foundations fighting for the same space. now the new buzz word is CC creams – blog will follow shortly:)
      i find Garnier good but the shade is definitely a bit off for my very yellow skin tone – its not very noticeable but i know it is.
      i like Chanel’s lightweight foundation aqua lumiere with an spf 15 for coverage as well as moisturizing and i like clarins beauty flash balm for an instant pick me up .Murad available at sepphora has a vitamin c cream that does the same job .

      1. Dollie says:

        Thanks Geeta,
        You really clarified things 🙂 I think I’ll skip the bb cream for now. I too love Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua for its light coverage and radiant finish.
        Looking forward to ur post on CC creams…these beauty companies are sure enjoying playing with alphabets 😉

  3. Hi Geeta ! I liked the review and i have reblogged this on http://vinca11.wordpress.com/2013/04/04/1250/

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