Book Booty : My weekend splurge

Rewarded myself with this booty over the weekend.Haven’t started on any as yet but thought the books sounded interesting.

Prajwal Parajuly has written a book of short stories The Gurkha’s daughter on Nepalese and the Nepalese diaspora and it crossed my mind that one rarely hears the Nepali voice in literature so thought it be worth exploring.

Deepak Chopra is always a good read and you can get some insight into yourself or your life with his books. Super brain sounded interesting because it seems a scientific mix of NLP,neurology and self help just in case you want to use more then 10% of your brain. Though to be honest i feel quite burdened just using the two percent I use.

A blue hand, the Beats in India is Deborah Baker‘s well researched book on Allen Ginsberg and the Beat poet’s trip to India. The fact that she is married to Amitava Ghosh is not relevant to the book but it fascinating to think of two superb researchers and storytellers living under one roof.

I couldn’t resist buying Barefoot In Baghdad since I find women’s experiences in countries under conflict are far more real and give you a sense of the day to day fabric of life .Manal Omar is an American Arab aid worker who writes of her experiences in Iraq including her relationship with an Iraqi man.

Let me know if you have read any of these.

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  1. lakshmi says:

    i have not read them…

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