Don’t burn after reading

CHANEL - Tilda Swinton for the Paris-Edimbourg Collection � Olivier Saillant
pix:Olivier Saillant

Chanel gets actor Tilda Swinton- her of the sculpted, androgynous, classic look and the inimitable histrionc range as the face of its Metier’s d’ Art Edimbourg-Paris collection.

Lagerfeld called Tilda a ‘timeless icon of excellence’.

Having seen Burn after reading, We’ve got to talk about Kevin and I am love one cannot but wordlessly agree.

To celebrate the city that inspired it, the collection launched at Linlithgow placae in Edinburgh ( read Antonia Fraser’s Mary Queen of Scots for more on the castle)

The ad film with Tilda will launch in May. Cant’ wait to see how they will have shot her.

Metiers d’art was launched by Chanel to showcase French artisinal work and craftsmanship but the collections are inspired by global centers and cities. Last year it was the Paris -Mumbai collection.

imagespix in red gown

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