Soap opera

lemon soapsoap open

A little lemon burst of  freshness-triple milled and eco friendly. This soap came to me as a gift via Canada but you can see their website

For a selection of handmade vegetable based soaps check out Mumbai’s Good Earth where they stock the 180 year old Portuguese brand Claus Porto and the French Savon de Marseille brands.

Besides their own rose, jasmine and lavender essential oil based Amritam bath and skin care range.

Also see Forest Essentials range of hand made sugar and butter soaps

Penhaligons a 143 year old Biritsh brand is well known for their fragrances and soaps – I love their bluebell soap.

What makes hand made organic soaps better? No chemicals, only vegetable fats,natural fragrances and definitely no detergents. Triple milling is a process that makes the soap more integrated and last longer.Luxury soaps are often triple milled but a machine is used for the process.

One of the best handmade soaps I have tried is the Moroccan beldi or black olive soap.

Once you have tried them you will know the difference.

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