Spa Files-Tibetan spa rituals at Ananda

Healing at AnandaTibetan Experiences at Ananda
The Himalayas are calling.

Ku Nye, traditional Tibetan massage is part of the spa offerings at Ananda this summer with healing oils and products based on Sowa Rigpa.

Tibetan healing or Sowa Rigpa is influenced by ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and ancient Greek medicine -remember the Greeks came right upto the Indus river in the north so its not hard to imagine some mutual transfer of healing knowledge took place.

There is lot of emphasis on mind-body and energy balancing in each treatment. So you can expect chanting,burning of herbs,warm poultices, the sound of bells and drums even as your meridian points are eased and the atmosphere itself is cleansed.

Ananda is one of the few luxury ayurvedic and healing spas that integrate different healing traditions quite holistically.They have collaborated with organic brand Ila to create a special line based on Tibetan ingredients.

Ananda’s spa cuisine is also quite interesting from what I remember.

Expect to see Lots of white clad serene healers and staff members walk around smiling a lot which for a grouch like me is a bit of a strain but one gets used to it.

The Ku Nye facial which uses sea buckthorn oil known to have a rare version of Omega three is at Rs 6500 plus taxes and the Tibetan experience is at Rs 8500 plus taxes.

For some other upper Himalayan healing read ‘The Tibetan Book of the dead’ – The famous Bardo Thodol seated on the steps of Hemis monastery in Leh. The first is a must -read, the second is a must visit .

Or head for a Vajrayana or diamond cutting initiation in Mcleodganj conducted by the Dalai Lama or one of the Rimpoches. Tashi Delek!

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  1. indianshringar says:

    I’ve been wanting to go to Ananda since quite some time. But I’ll have to wait a couple of years more till my kids are old enough to stay with grandparents for a few days…

    1. geeta's list says:

      Hey don’t worry – the himalayas won’t go away nor will ananda 🙂

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