Clarins Double Serum – a sleeper hit

clarins double serum option black

So I got myself the new Clarins Double Serum. It is priced at Rs 4500 which is not cheap but it has potent claims.

I have always liked Clarins’ products but my job does not let me stay brand loyal for too long and I admit I was going to a Clarins counter after a long time.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well informed the counter people were and handled all my queries on a range of products confidently.

But back to Double Serum. It has the Clarins signature- plant extractS. In this case twenty, including katfray bark, quinoa, oats and green tea,and organic green banana.

So it has plumping, healing and soothing ingredients.

But the bigger story is that it is “hydric and lipidic” to use manufacturer speak .

Simply put it gives you both hydration as well as emollience. That’s something not many serums can claim -they can do one or the other.

I assume that’s why its called Double serum. They have a copyright on the term ‘double serum’ so it must be a biggie for Clarins 🙂

It works on all skin types over twenty five.

As the well informed salesman at the counter (who I had quizzed a lot on the product already) said to me , “Use two pumps if your skin is dry , one pump if it is oily.”

I have used it for two weeks now and I am definitely giving it a thumbs up.

It leaves my face even toned and soft focussed in the mornings so its nice to wake up to that and I definitely like the feel.

It has a pleasant fragrance though I would personally have preferred none.

It is super absorbent and I am sure it can be used under make up in the day but not in the current Mumbai heat.

It is not meant for hyper pigmentation and dark spots so don’t expect it to fix those.

When you use it, mix a little in your palms before dabbing on (please dab don’t rub -in serums ) so the oil and water -the hydric and lipidc components don’t separate.

For more Clarins ( Eau Dynamisante, orchid oil, cellulite busters) stuff go to

2 Comments Add yours

  1. chefina says:

    this serum is really a must have! … the price justifies the quality in this case! thanx for sharing! nice blog 🙂

  2. silverkis says:

    I’ve been sitting on my sample for months now… for some reason Clarins products are a hit or miss for me. Now that i’ve seen your review, maybe i’ll just go take the plunge! 😉

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