Dove Split End Rescue Shampoo

dove split ends

So I have been critical of Dove lately.
I criticised their oils advertising for not letting on that it was loaded with mineral oils (you can read my earlier blog).
And I have not been the greatest fan of their new advertising – the one that says you are more beautiful than you think. I find the women in the ads are a bit needy and depressed and there was a great male liberator doing the analysis.
Plus this Freudian insight about coming to terms with your inner critic powerful and fabulous though it might be ( it actually came from Freud) seems bit of an overkill for Dove.
Use this insight to analyze your transactional human relationships, do your personal eneagram or to understand the mysterious workings of your id and super ego but not really to choose your shampoo or soap. Especially as the same company also sells fairness creams.
However as Faith Popcorn said, “women don’t buy brands, they join them” and most women seem to like this new message from their favorite brand.
And I still have Dove products on my shelf.
I tried their new shampoo for split ends, not very sure if it would work because split ends are serious business and what really works is chopping them off.
I did however like one of the other shampoos from the Dove stable -the oil nourishing shampoo so thought I would give this a shot.
The price is very competitive- Rs 64 for 90ml.
The texture and feel is Dove so that is reassuring.
The shampoo has a nice rich feel while lathering and rinses off easily despite the thick texture.
My hair which is quite damaged with terrible ends currently was instantly more manageable and the ends looked less ratty and split than before.
I found it easy to run a broad toothed comb through my hair when it was semi dry.(Don’t touch wet hair if you have split ends).
I guess there are a lot of binding polymers and silicone to seal the ends superficially.
They call it ‘fibre actives’ which sounds good but means very little to me.
As I said the real cure for split ends is chop-chop but while you decide on that this shampoo is a good option.
I did use a Body Shop sulphate free conditioner after but since I usually use it I attribute my better looking ends to Dove.

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