Pretty Hurts : Botox, LA Style

510x340Just watching the first season of Beverly Hills based Pretty Hurts a reality show set in the LA clinic of Rand Rusher who is a Restylane and Botox injectionist

His hilarious and perceptive take on his job,his clients and colleagues is fun to watch, but it also gives you an insight into minimally invasive cosmetic procedures,lunchtime injections and the pursuit of beauty LA style.

The show democratically cuts across men and women. It also shines a spotlight on LA culture where looking good is so important to existence that it can verge on desperation.

A more serene view might suggest one could age gracefully but having seen Indian statistics and the proliferation of medi- spa and surgical-cosmetic clinics, we may be closer to LA than we think

For more details you can go onto Logo tv OR download the show from iTunes as it has completed its finale.

But more than that I watched the show because I have featured Leaf & Rusher products on the pages of Vogue India.

In fact their Active serum for Sensitive skin won a Vogue beauty award in 2010 and proved excellent when we tested it. Price approx Rs 7500 images

Rand Rusher collaborated with Dr Norman Leaf an LA based dermatologist to create this line in 2002.

Based on botanical actives Leaf& Rusher products were developed to help skin recover post a procedure and for clients to get a professional ‘at home’ skin care line .

They are now rebranding the line and re jigging their offering.

The Leaf& Rusher range is available in India at Urban Shore the well curated beauty concept store brought to India by Sonita Das.

Her stores are in Delhi and Mumbai.

PS In case you are planning to go for a lunch time injection do go to a qualified doctor and definitely demand a list of post procedure do’s and dont”s.

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  1. coralcrue says:

    wow! a wealth of information as usual 🙂 helpful post

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