Love this ad for Lancel’s Daligramme collection. Love the bag too for that matter!

The Graphics are Salvador Dali’s cryptograms for his wife and muse Gala. Seriously! He designed a secret love alphabet for just the two of them -look closely and see the sea horse, crown and entwined initials. These are good pointers for today’s lovers- the height of exclusivity 🙂

It helps if you are a talented artist of course but Dali needed a little help too – he asked Lancel to design a bag using these love notes way back in 1970.

I like the shape of the Dalichic bag featured in the ad – perfect for the ones who don’t like schlepping those heavy slip disc inducing totes but need a bag that can carry one’s I Life and beauty essentials. Heart the bicycle chain inspiration too.

Inspired by the vintage Dali bag this was part of a 2011 limited edition line including the Dalidol, Dalifun and Dalicious ( ok, that could be better named) but I think all the designs are still available.

Not available in India unfortunately but you can go to www.lancel.com for details.

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