Beauty beat : Fat girl six pack, Miracle blur and Talika

revitalift miracle blur[/caption]

L’Oreal’s Revitalift has been at the anti aging game for a while now. Miracle blur promises to blur out those signs of aging you don’t want anyone to see. The name suggests it has optical diffusers namely silica and some primer like efficacy with silicone.The back for he pack says it is a sunscreen which is probably for legal reasons but there is no SPF mentioned on the front. (It has avobenzene which is a sunscreen base.) It’s a bit mixed up but Revitalift is a a hardworking range and we certainly don’t mind going a little soft focus when we step out on a cruel Monday morning at work. Not sure if it is available in India as yet.
Talika is a French brand whose claim to fame started with its lash enhancing Lipocils. Surprisingly, scanty and thinning lashes seem to be a growing concern among women. I think its probably because we take off our make up and take off a few lashes without realizing it. Mascaras will create volumising illusion but for actually growing back lashes Talika claims it can do the trick with tis soy lecithin and nettle based extracts to enhance and stimulate lash growth.
Ok, you won’t really get a six pack with this and caffeine and coffee are not new ingredients in the cellulite busting game ( Clarins got there way before) but I love the name (even if they are channeling Benefit’s name wizardry ) and the fact it comes with a fat busting applicator to apply on your tummy. Of course you should know that there is no cure for cellulite once it appears but creams and treatments can reduce the appearance.Also see Rodial’s Tummy Tuck if you want to be very luxe . The Fat Girl range is available at Bliss spa and Sepphora

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  1. coralcrue says:

    Interesting products. Haven’t seen the Loreal one here. I am using their night cream, it’s doing ok. Not the best for my newly appearing fine lines thought but the word Blur is very intriguing 🙂 Fat girl six pack, I wish it were that simple. hehe I have put on a ton of weight after losing a lot last year. now hate shopping and looking in the store mirrors.

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