Camu Camu -the super C

camus camus

Camu Camu is a fruit found in South America- mainly Peru and Brazil and is now being touted  for its super potent vitamin C properties.

The claim is that it has thirty to sixty times more vitamin C than an orange depending on which report you read.

(I would have liked to know how it compares to amlaa or Indian gooseberry.)

In the beauty and health business we are used to seeing New Natural Darlings every year – acai berry, goji berry, blueberries, vrikshamla-the list is long and impressive but if reports are to be believed camu camu is the most potent natural carrier of vitamin C .

It also has other benefits and you can go to to see a post on 11 benefits of camu camu.

Vitamin C has brightening, healing and immunity boosting benefits overall and is used in serums and creams for beauty.

We are likely to see more brands featuring camu camu in the future. The big plus is that it has better penetration on the skin than many other Vitamin C carriers.

Featured here is the camu camu range by Peter Thomas Roth. I tried the serum and cream and the feel and texture was very good but I was just trying it out at the counter.

When it comes to skincare remember the rule- three weeks to send biological messages to skin cells and six weeks to actually see a difference so patience helps.

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  1. coralcrue says:

    I love learning about new and exotic natural ingredients. This is new to me. Also liked the skin care rule 🙂

    1. Geeta Rao says:

      thanks so much ..always nice to hear back 🙂

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