We may not like the Millers but we love Jen’s hair products

I must admit the trailers of ‘We are the Millers’ starring Jennifer Aniston didn’t do it for me and I decided not to see the movie though Ms. Aniston is usually eminently watchable .

However on the issue of her hair we have to admit she never gets it wrong . Whether  it is the ‘Rache’l cut of the Friends era to  blonde sun kissed streaks and dark roots and more contemporary shags and layers of later years she aces in cut, colour and sheer hair quality.

satin hair serum board

So it isn’t surprising that she has now put her money where her hair is by buying a stake in Masachussets based  lab and hair label Living Proof.

 I like Living Proof’s  volumising hair spray  very much because it gives hair movement along with volume- something most sprays promise but don’t deliver on .

But these products are old staples of the Living Proof range . 

The one that Jen has put her signature on and is personally endorsing is Living Proof’s satin hair serum

living proof satin hair serum pack

The claim:   It has no oils or silicone.  That a big one since you need both if you want a smoothing serum to work and give you shine and a frizz free finish . And this has neither! 

It has Sera smooth technology which uses a  patented molecule and polymers . (Silicones are also polymers but of a different kind.)  

As you know I don’t like too much scientific jargon unless it is clearly explained and I am still not clear why this is one up on silicones.

However if you are interested in the technicals this excerpt  from the bio – tech monitor gives us some details   Living Proof Announces New Patents and New Hair Care Product Bringing Innovative Science to the Beauty Industry – FierceBiotech http://www.fiercebiotech.com/press-releases/living-proof-announces-new-patents-and-new-hair-care-product-bringing-innov-0#ixzz2eYvQX4oB 

On a counter trial  I  can vouch for the fact this serum seems light and does feels like satin without any stickiness.

I took too much for my limp and straight hair so it looked a bit runny until I tissued off  the residue so I suggest you go very slow on how much you use if your hair is straight.  Also do let it dry out before blowdrying for more serious styling if you have curly hair.

I haven’t given it the full test so can’t tell you how it works in humid places like Mumbai but perhaps we should believe Jen 🙂

For the full range of products go to www.livingproof.com

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  1. Rani says:

    And her make up! She looked like a carrot. She is a testimony to the good effects of yoga on the body, one has to admit.

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