Butter Bespoke Cosmetics – Easy Glam

Butter London is well known for its cult nail polishes .

Their current no 444  (go to http://www.butterlondon.com to see the shade ) a glittering champagne is a must for all Indian Bridezillas to be this winter-perfect for all lehenga pairings.

Now  the brand has  launched ' Rock your colour'  a make up collection created by make up artist   Katie Hughes as part of  Butter Bespoke cosmetics.

butter cheeks

A well edited collection for all of us who want everyday make up to have a touch of not- so -everyday style.  Make up that is “fashion inspired and chic conscious”  as the creators put it with three sections.

Wink  a range of cream eyeshadows and kohl pencils and colored mascaras.

Lippy  pigmented semi matte lip balms ( yes it seems it is possible to have the benefits of lip balm wIth the coverage of lipstick) and look cool too.

Cheeky (cream cheek tints) which can be used on lips and eyes if you want a flawless monochromatic look

I was sent a whole lot to try and my personal picks for Indian skin tones are :

Brown sugar kohl pencil – a dark brown variation on black to soften the hard kohl pencil look but still have impact. Takes a few years off the face .

Honey pie cheek tint – a peach tint which works well on all skin tones . chheky honey pie butter
Apricot Sunray – a coral balm that is perfect  for the day.

If you want to go winter trending then Black cherry a dark plum may work though I would personally go for for a denser, more pigmented  version in plum even for the day .butter coral lippy butter black cherry lippy butte rlondon colured mascars wink sunkiss eyeshadow


I am not a great one for coloured mascaras but should you be then there are enough colours for all your desires 🙂

I did like the more minimalist cream eyeshadow Sun kiss a pale gold(see above)

The creators have obviously had fun making it and that spirit rubs off when you use their funky fun inspired  colours.

Coverage : Medium

Lasts: Suprisingly longer than I thought especially the lip balms.The cream eye shadows are not pigmented enough so need  a lot of building up.

Colours:Good range  in each category .

Price : GBP 20 .  Approx ; Rs 1600  (but I take no responsibility for the crazily fluctuating rupee:)

In India : Urban shore  www.urbanshore.in stocks Butter London nail polishes.

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