Dry BAR, NEW YORK : Just blow outs

I discovered Dry Bar on a recent trip to New York when I found that the length of my hair had reached a $75 blow out price tag at most other salons.

At the current rate of exchange that is bit ridiculous for an everyday blow dry.

Dry bar which only offers blow outs has a flat charge of $40 whatever the length of your hair and a choice of blow outs.They are all over Manhattan so you can book  the place closest to you from a centralized booking service. I went to the one on 2nd and 39st.

I enjoyed the pretty decor, the champagne and cookies as well as the friendly staff service.

Re the blow out: I tried two styles.The messy volumised one did not last-it unravelled as I stepped out. The straight one was better. I feel their blow outs are good for an everyday wash and dry but the hold should have been better. An enjoyable salon experience though. (I admit I am a sucker for good branding and positioning )

I had earlier gone to Biguine at Madison because I am a Biguine regular in Mumbai but they were so not interested in me that I decided to be equally not interested in them:)

I saw a lot of salons in Korea town and should have checked them out because they are usually very good with straight hair but next time.

There are salons at Lexington advertising $23 blow outs but they weren’t as pretty as Dry bar.

If you have any New York blow out recommendations do add your list .

dry bar card
I love the yellow branding across dry bar and their funky card design .
dry bar flowers
pretty yellow and white decor -places that have fresh flowers always appeal to me .
dry bar menu
The full blow out menu . I tried Southern Comfort -didn’t work on my straight hair . But the Manhattan was better. You can also have an Uptini for $80 which is an updo and they offer you styling serves at home -check dry -on -the -fly on their online menu
dry bar at sepphora
Found the Dry bar line at Sephora .I didn’t think there was anything very distinctive in their products but Sephora knows better 🙂

One Comment Add yours

  1. coralcrue says:

    wonderful review. Some places are just too obnoxious. I will keep this one in mind.
    loved the pics.

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