Meditation, British royals and inner healing at Ananda

Ananda - Meditation
Morning meditation at Ananda . A white kurta -pajama is your uniform for the time you stay there

It’s that time of the year when everyone comes to India for a bit of yoga, a little retreating and some inner peace .

If you were heading to Ananda up from Rishikesh and Dehradun earlier this week you may have bumped into HRH Prince Charles and Camellia, Duchess of Cornwall who are in India for a spot of R&R.

The Prince of Wales - Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla - the Duchess of Cornwall at Ananda in the Himalayas

The royals get an Arti welcome. The person with the arti thali or plate will always make a full circle with al lit flame in front of you a prescribed number of times. According to the Vedas this creates an unbroken cosmic frequency which forms a circle of protection .

I met Prince Charles many years ago when I visited his country estate High Grove (the gardens are famous) as part of a press delegation. He was charming and made time for every member of the delegation which was rather thoughtful.

highgrove mug
The mug I bought at the Highgrove shop -proving I did my bit for the British economy !

I an not sure what the royal agenda was but I  recommend Ananda’s fourteen-day panchkarma because when you choose a place like Ananda its worthwhile to  experience an intensive Ayurvedic programme.

In ayurvedic texts a minimum of 14 days is required to detoxify and rebalance the body using five recommended treatments. This is usually done once  a year .

There are 21 day programs as well for more specific treatments.

Go to www.anandaspa .com for details of treatments and packages .

Ananda also has a healer in residence this month as part of their Visiting Masters programme.

Rosemarie Gorke specialises in creative meditation and art therapy. Both are gentle ways of releasing inner demons and letting go of unwanted baggage.

You can choose many ways to spa. You can go to a spa holiday or you can choose a spa retreat.

If you go to a spa retreat it is always beneficial to elevate your experience into a psycho spiritual one by upping the yoga, meditation and silence and working with healers.

Your body is at its most relaxed with the treatments and therapies so your mind and soul become more receptive to healing.

Entance to Ananda .This was the Raja of Narendranagar’s palace . Most of the rooms are located in the new building inside the property . His family were  followers of Anaandamayi Ma a twentieth  century spiritual teacher and her room in the old palace (still preserved ) has wonderful vibrations.

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