for wrinkles, sags and bags

I have come around to the conclusion that a real anti ageing regime starts when you are in your twenties.

That’s the only way to prevent stuff showing up in your forties. Well, it will show up anyway unless you have superhero genes but show up more gently and gracefully:)

Should you have missed the twenties boat then here are some hardworking creams and lotions that may help.

Do remember that creams and lotions can’t reverse damage, they can only lessen its  appearance and perhaps prevent further damage.  For best  results most anti aging products should be used  for three weeks .

algenist stack
Algenist is a relatively new brand created by a biotech firm in San Francisco, which gives it good scientific creds. It has algouronic acid as its star ingredient, made up of microalgae extracts. Algouronic acid is a trademark name so don’t confuse it with hylauronic acid which the body makes and which you need to replenish, as you grow older. I was a little underwhelmed by the reconstructing serum which has gotten good reviews but I liked the Retinol lifting serum and the microalgae oil sounds promising. Available at Sepphora.
burts bees royal jelly
Burt’s Bees is a popular drugstore brand with royal jelly as its key ingredient. Royal jelly, which is the food made by honey bees for queen bees for their longevity, was a popular anti aging ingredient in the nineties. Burt’s Bees have stuck with it. I didn’t like the smell of the cream when I tried it but it is a rich cream that works as well as any expensive cream for overall skin appearance. It gets a ‘yes’ from me especially at the price 🙂
Strivectin is the cult cream for post pregnancy stretch marks and has built up a loyal following. Now the same principle has been moved laterally into a range of face and body products. rather then the spot reduction cream I would try their Face tightening serum (not featured in the picture) .ps don’t try the stretch mark cream on your face though!
neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair
Neutrogena is a supermarket brand that has consistently delivered quality at a surprising price. I love their ultra sheer sunscreen so I think the Rapid Wrinkle repair is worth a try .

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