Jewellery a la Verdura

pearl necklace verdura

Duke Fulco di Verdura , a Sicilian blue blood was Cocco Chanel’s chief jewelry designer in the 1920’s and together they worked on Chanel’s  well known  Byzantium   inspired lines including the the famous Maltese cross cuffs that she often sported .

He then moved to Hollywood and finally set up his eponymusly named store at Fifth avenue, New York.

Verdura is a legendary name in America  and the roster of the company’s clients besides most of New York’s society ladies   includes Greta Garbo ( he designed her signature curb link bracelet) Elizabeth Taylor,the Duchess of Windsor  and Princess Diana. He also undertook a lot of Maharaja’s commissions but they were all private and highly customized.

While he sold his company and he passed away shortly after, in 1975 the brand Verdura still recreates designs from  the Duke’s  10,000 carefully archived designs .

Verdura is having a vintage jewellery viewing and sale until December  27th 2013 so if you are looking for a statement piece with history, make an appointment at  the 745 Fifth Avenue  store .

Don’t look for a street shopfront though. It is discreetly situated upstairs with superb views of the park .

Go to  for a view of giant cabochon emeralds and colored diamonds which are all the trend this season  and for the founder’s equally colorful history

I visited the Verdura store this summer.  I wish I could say I was buying for my vintage collection but this was part of a  study group:)

I  love their use of stones specially chalcedony and coral though these were not the most expensive or opulent of the collection.

verdura detail
Blue chalcedony and coral necklace
the marlene dietreich collection
The Marlene Dietreich collection

verdura gold and diomond earings

verdura linked chain
The art of linkage
trying the cuff
Moi chanelling Coco . Black jade cuff with Maltese cross design. When a discreet voice murmured the price was approximately USD 87000 I nearly dropped it .
verdura cuff amethryst
Classic Verdura Cuff
verdura statemtn piece
Statement necklace -check the website to see how it should be worn and pairings.

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  1. coralcrue says:

    I really must say you look gorgeous, madameoiselle. I am a regular follower of your valuable posts as it’s packed with information which I regard highly. Due to exams I am unable to come online as much as I’d love to but….long story 🙂
    The short of it being, it’s always a refreshing change to read you and you look dashing in this pic. Amazing read as always. tc

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