Australia Australia

Blame it on Masterchef or Food safari or the fact that I have worked with some wonderful Australians but I find myself familiar with many things Australian, like TimTams and Hugh Jackman šŸ™‚ despite never having travelled there.

Beauty is an evolved industry in Australia and their brands have made the global transition with ease.

There are many similarities between Australia and India – a tradition of natural beauty treatments and products based on plants and flowers being one of them.

Their kakadu fruit is similar to amla in the many uses it has and their pawpaw ointment could find a parallel in our very own Vicco turmeric cream.

There are several informative blogs on Australian beauty brandsĀ .

Ā Thanks to bellabox I discovered that Napoleon Perdis was actually Australian. I always thought if this as an American make up brand!

Do let me know theĀ Aussie brands Ā you have tried. Here are three I can speak of personally.

i stumbled upon sodashi when i was researching a story on luxury spas and was amazed to find how many spas seeemd to be offering a sodashi facial. then i found it right here at four seasons mumbai, though I am not sure if they still offer the range. sodashi is an expensive line but it is chemical, preservative and fragrance free. they claim to be the purest skincare range in the world and they are deeply inspired by Ayurvedic principles including the name which is from a sanskrit word for radiance though not one i am familiar with . ps i like the blog on their website.
jurlique is an organic/natural line with stores all over the world. this is a picture i took of their manhattan store. their plant based extracts come from their farm in australia and just to make sure they are doing things right you can sign up on a farm tour on your next visit to adelaide. jade wellness spa and salon in mumbai has some of their products but they use them for spa and salon pampering and not retail.
i have put a picture of aesop’s store design before the products because i have been following their wonderful store design experiments with different recycleable materials for a while now. this is a stack of bottles supsended form an installation at one of their stores. the store in singapore has jute ropes in its design theme.
aesop is based on delivering the best antioxidant solutions whether plant based or lab made so qaulity is their thing. I met one of the aesop team some years ago and thought they would launch in india soon but they aren’t here as yet . their parsley hydrator and serum which i have tried are very good and gentle.

disclaimer: the pictures of sodashi and aesop have been taken from their official websites in good faith

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