Thukral &Tagra in ‘Baroque’istan

thukral balloonthukral pink balloon

thukral 6It is difficult to catch a show by artist duo Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra because they don’t often show in Mumbai .

Their work is clever and witty, informed by graphic design and advertising gloss. But the social comment embedded in the work is the rise of Punjabi baroque typified by ‘Gurgoan dreams’ especially the mall and housing boom and the mass emigration and visa frenzy in Punjab to move to the ‘greener’ pastures of Canada and Australia .

For their own comments go to www.thukraland

In the past few years, besides showing in galleries across the world  they have been busy creating porcelain for the German porcelain maker Meissen and have launched  a capsule collection of accessories for fashion house Etro.

I had my first tactile feel of their work at Vogue where the office wall paper was a fun Thukral and Tagra commission

So I was very happy to attend a talk by the two young artists and their gallerist Peter Nagy of Nature Morte.

It was  a lively discussion organized by  Avid learning ,an Essar group initiative to drill some culture and art into us . They are doing a good job and you can check all their upcoming talks at

The show  titled ‘Q a fairytale for our times’ is on at Mumbai’s  Famous studios, Floor no 9 until 15th december.

I have shot many commercials on this floor so it was exciting to see it in a different context.

Fittingly there is also a screening of a short film ,Q  set in a Jalalndhar akhada (wrestling ring) with hint of Bergmanesque magical realism.  It is part of  a larger project that T&T is working on .


thukral and tagra faces in aircraft

thukrala nd tagra 4

thukrala nd tagra in converstaion

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