Three removers and a cleansing cream

Finding the right make up remover and cleanser is easier said than done. Here are four that I have used recently.

ponds cold cream
I don’t know why Ponds has not launched this hardworking and very effective cream cleanser and make up remover in India. Cleansing creams and cleansing milks may be out of fashion but this is a product I heartily endorse especially for the winter.Leaves skin soft not scraped off 🙂 Bring it here Ponds!
L’Oreal dermo-expertise lip and eye waterproof make up remover gets my vote for taking off stubborn eye make up without leaving the eye area dry as it is oil based. Even though it says ‘for waterproof makeup’ I need this for my heavy eye liner an kohl. Also good for lipstick users flaunting the season’s oxblood shade. 🙂
Dior’s superb skincare and cleansing range often gets forgotten because of the focus on fashion. This Lily extract cleansing water is gentle, swipes off the day’s make up in jiffy and leaves the skin soft. I find a first step cleansing with L” Oreal followed by a final swipe with Dior works ideally for party make up .
Maybelline is a good eye make up remover for non waterproof make up so it works well on kohl pencil and gel based stuff but not for heavier make up. The trick is to leave a cotton soaked pad on the eye for a few seconds to dissolve make up and then wipe off. 

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  1. coralcrue says:

    Ponds, bring it here! 🙂

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