The Vogue Factor : Kirstie Clements

kritie clements

One day, Australia Vogue editor Kirstie Clements walked into the Conference room to be told she was sacked after thirteen years of being editor,Vogue Australia and twenty five years at Conde Nast.

She was not allowed to go back to her room but was asked to leave the building by the HR department. .

The book is a result of that event. It starts dramatically with her sacking but to her credit Clements does not use this as an opportunity to vent or settle scores. She accepts this as a harsh buisness reality.

Clements talks of her years at Vogue, her rise from receptionist to editor, the fashion shoots, budget cuts in Australia and the line of editors before her who were sacked under commercial pressures.

(Interestingly in Australia, Conde Nast licensed out the title to Rupert Murdoch’s News media halfway through Kirstie’s tenure )

I loved her story of being offered the editorship of Vogue Australia and Harper’s on the same day and why she chose Vogue.

I also loved the fact she worked the beauty desk 🙂

There are interesting insights into the Australian fashion scene though I was left wanting to know more from an industry and business standpoint.

There is much of the ‘glamorous’ Vogue life -free trips, the junkets, celebrity shoots,shows in Paris and so on.

Yes, there are slightly breathless but fun mentions of Lagerfeld (she convinced him to guest edit one of the issues) Armani, Anna Wintour, Cate Blanchette but there is too little in my opinion on the actual issues facing the publishing world especially the digital onslaught and the fashion business.

With Clements background and experience I would have wanted a lot more from her on how editors and newbies should equip themselves for this changing world.

Read it if you have worked at Conde Nast or are in dnager of being sacked by Conde Nast or if you want a peek into the Australian beauty and fashion scene .

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