Fragrances : Skinn by Titan

skinn retail detail

When India’s largest watch and jewellery maker decides to extend its story to fragrances you expect much more media attention than I have seen for Titan’s Skinn right now.
But Titan has ticked the right boxes as far as the fragrances are concerned.
Well known perfume house Givaudan was called in to create three fragrances under the name Skinn (Celeste, Imera and Nude) for women and three under the name Inimitable (Raw, Extreme, and Steele) for men.
In the fragrance business some big fashion and luxury houses have their own ‘nose’ or perfumers –Chanel’s Jacques and Olivier Polge and Dior’s Francois Demachy are legendary names but most big brands toodle down to Givaudan, share their inspiration and mood board and a fragrance is created.
Givaudan has created iconic fragrances like L’Air du Temps, Obsession, Armani Code, Dior’s J’adore, and Thierry Mugler’s Angel and its perfumery school has trained many famous noses.
Believing that the test of the fragrance is in the spraying I went in to test Skinn  at the Titan counter at Palladium.
The shape of the bottle reminds me of Shalimar Partum Initial but it is much chunkier.
While I loved reading the notes of Imera -a woody, citrusy chypre it was a little too strong for my liking when I tried it.
Celeste is a little too much of a fruit burst though it does settle.
Nude was my choice out of the three –it’s a floral but not cloying and sweet more a powdery floral that settles down to a hint of violet and sandalwood.
These fragrances are positioned as everyday French perfumes and I have ordered a 50 ml bottle for myself. It was not in stock the day I was there.
And I was too fragranced out despite dutifully sniffing coffee beans in between to try the men’s range. Next time.
A quick fragrance 101 -top notes, base notes and heart notes define a fragrance.

While the top notes hit you first the fragrance settles into he bottom or base notes which is why people often feel the fragrance smells different once they have come home with the bottle and used it. It develops in an hour or so. If you can’t what for an hour at the store a reading of the base notes will tell you how it is likely to smell later.

I didn’t like the in -store poster that is part of the ad campaign. While the fragrances are ‘sensual ‘ they are more feminine sensual going by the fragrance rather than overtly so as the poster seems to suggest. Skinn is definitely not Hypnotique or Poison .

I wish Skinn had told its brand story better -perhaps they are still working on it.

We love hearing stories. For example I love that Beyonce’s new fragrance Rise is inspired by Maya Angelou’s beautiful poem and I will probably buy it for that.
I also thought it would have been nicer and infinitely more romantic to buy the fragrances from a counter at the beautifully lit and seductive Tanishq jewellery store next door rather than at the more sanitized Titan watches store

With a wide range of international fragrances easily available at counters it will be interesting to see who buys Titan.

Priced at rs 990 and 1700

skinn imera
Imera created by Nadege le Garlantezec. Top notes: lemon,bergamot,peach
Heart notes:  Rose essence and tonka beans Base notes : cedar wood, patchouli, vanilla, javanol.
skinn all
I didn’t like the poster at all. But the bottle next to it is Celeste created by Harry Fremont. Its a bit fruity .Top notes:  mandarin,blood orange,ginger,grapefruit,pear. Heart notes: orange flower ,jasmine,water lily, floral nectar Base notes: amber, patchouli, sandalwood, musk
skinn nude
Nude is the one I chose. Created by Alberto Morillas .Top notes : Lychees and raspberry,bergamot Heart notes: violet,rose and peach rose Base notes: sandalwood, firwood, tonka beans, Firmenich musks.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Aayushi says:

    Hey Geeta
    Stumbled on your blog for the first time while looking for titan skinn reviews.
    Very nicely written i must have kept it short and to the point. I tried this range at Gurgaon central today and loved Celeste the most. 😀
    I am just curious about the longevity. Kindly update me on that

    Keep up the good work :))

    1. Geeta Rao says:

      Thank you Ayushi. Since they have got the right people and ingredients I have no doubt the shelf life of the fragrance will be good. Keep it in a dark place if you don’t intend to use it everyday but Celeste is a nice daytime fragrance. btw here is a trick from Estee Lauder herself – spray a little perfume behind your knees( yes you heard me!) as the day progresses the fragrance will rise up and envelop you 🙂

  2. Rishu says:

    The fragrance itself is good. The finish of the chrome on the Men’s collection and spray was a bit disappointing for me. Something that has been overlooked.

    1. Geeta Rao says:

      thanks for the feedback. i didn’t try the men’s fragrances so this is good to know 🙂

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