Peel Appeal

Facial peels come in different forms and strengths.

Home peels are fairly safe -look for glycolic peels, which are usually fruit acid based (AHAs). Papaya enzyme peels are a popular option.

Peels strip the top layer of skin or get it to shed naturally unlike masks and scrubs, which remove dead skin and embedded pollutants. I am not an advocate of scrubs even though there is now  new buzz around EE creams (extra exfolaiting creams) which are microgranule based.  

There are chemical peels which are now being advised as a better in- treatment room alternative to laser peels.

Phenol peels for example are administered under strict medical supervision.

Dr.Dennis Gross’s Alpha Beta peel which I got at Sepphora is a home peel specifically for sensitive skins.

dennis gross face peel

It has a mix of acids and I have pinned an interview of his with on Pintrest where he talks about why he has created this peel.

It has had good reviews on make up alley<

I found it quite gentle and easy to use because of the convenient two step sachet.

The immediate results were very good – smoother and brighter skin but to be honest after a day they weren’t dramatically different from using a clay mask except for the smoothness.

I did find it made my skin dry but the flip side was that my serum and moisturiser got absorbed really well because the skin had been unclogged.

Full marks for the fact it did not irritate my skin.

While the pack suggests am- pm usage I used the sachets twice a week which I think is a good maintenance routine for most people.

peel detailspeel sachet

If you want the juice on peels do go to www.bettercomplexions.comfor a very easy to read explanation of how peels work.

I would urge caution with in-treatment room peels (definitely go to a doctor not a salon) and follow instructions to the T.

One of the things with peels of any kind is the stepped up sunscreen you need to use to prevent pigmentation or burning.

A good way to use home peels is to use them at night before you sleep so the skin has time to recover. Don’t use any alcohol-based products for 24 hours.

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    1. Geeta Rao says:

      Thank you – do keep reading my blog 🙂

      1. Sure! I am a happy follower of your blog and it would be great if you could check out my blog as well!

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