Sunil Das at Jamaat Gallery

Artist Sunil Das is well known for his dynamic works of horses and bulls.

His works are popular and can be found in many homes.

At the age of 70 the artist started dabbling in bronzes and his bronze works were on display last night at Jamaat gallery’s fifteenth anniversary celebrations.

Jammat is a gallery I enjoy visiting because you never know who you will discover there – from small works of Ganesh Pyne, large works of Prabhakar Kolte, Bastar metalware, Samir Mondal’s watercolors or contemporary Goan artists.

Its strategic location behind Mumbai’s Taj Mahal hotel makes it easy to find.

Go to to see their full offering and price list.

sunil das
Artist Sunil Das at Jamaat
My own Sunil Das autograph sketched as we chatted last night
sunil das horses 66
Sunil Das Horses 1966
sunil das black
sunil das charcoal

sunil das redsunil das line

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