Dry frizzy frumpy hair ? Try this …

This was the combination suggested for my straight but v dry hair . Mask and shampoo approx Rs 2400 each. Elixir Ultime oil approx Rs 3000

When my stylist sighed heavily as she gave my hair its usual trim and my colorist made clucking sounds a few weeks later as she went through her usual Innoa routine I knew I had to find a solution for dealing with my rough dry hair.

It wasn’t just the ends alone.I had a suspicion that my Morrocanoil and other serums were causing bit of a build up. I had also tried a herbal hair colour and it hadn’t worked for me and caused a lot of hair fall. Even Mumbai’s fake winter was drying out my hair.

It has been a year long process of ruining my hair texture and coloring certainly does not help.

When you colour the cardinal rule to follow is post colour maintenance which I had been a little careless about.

My stylist at BBlunt suggested the whole Kerastase thing. I have used a lot of Kerasatse products in the past and they have been good but they are very expensive.

Anyway I decided to go by the book : Shampoo with Bain Satin every three days, followed by Masque Intense at the ends to condition and I also used it as a hair mask every week.

I used Elixir Ultime Oil for styling and as an intense leave in massage (leave in overnight as it is very light and wash off in the morning ) every week.

I am a great believer in Indian hair oils for a leave-in treatment. They are fabulous but they are heavy so the vigorous shampooing post -oil strips my hair colour.

Now I have a pure coconut oil head massage only once a month 😦

I have been very disciplined and it has worked for me at least to set the ball rolling.

My hair looks and feels much better. Will I be as disciplined all through the year ? I am not sure but for the moment I am trying very hard 🙂

L’Oreal has its ‘Mythic oils’ range at a lower price point as well as its shampoo and mask for coloured and dry hair.

Aveda www.aveda.com and Forest Essentials http://www.forestessentialsindia.com are both based on Ayurvedic principles if you are looking for natural hair products.

Find the right combination of shampoo, mask and oil to rebalance your hair for your hair type.

If you opt for Kerastase  www.kerastase.com it is better to ask the stylist/Kerastase expert to pick the right combination. Skip a serum if you take one of the oils.

PS After reading the blog Nafisa Kagalwala has recommend Kiehl’s Olive hair mask and Mel whose comment is below says the Po Naturals Mask works best for her.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mel Stevens says:

    I highly recommend the pro naturals hair repair mask. No other masjk has managed to repair my hair that much in the past!

    1. Geeta Rao says:

      Thanks Mel ..trying to get my hands on this

  2. Geeta Rao says:

    Hi Mel, Is it the Pro naturals argan oil mask? i know the range is now available in india at select salons so will find out .

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